Availability, Affordability & Awareness

We design community projects that manufacture sanitary towels that are:


By locally producing and selling low-cost, affordable and disposable sanitary towels that are biodegradable and eco-friendly. Raw materials for production will be sourced locally and they will be manufactured alongside disposable towels to increase cost efficiency.


By locally producing hygienic sanitary towels that can be reused and recycled through a simple wash and dry, making them practical and cost effective.  

Sustainable Social Enterprise

Binti focuses on increasing sustainability by hiring local women to produce and sell sanitary towels. Women will be economically independent,  empowered and they will create an extra source of sustainable income. Profits will be used to fund  Binti bespoke menstruation mindfulness education.  Solar energy will be used to power most of our workshops.

Alongside our production facilities,  Binti aims to educate by providing educational programmes with long term goal to change perceptions and dispel shame and taboos around periods. Health issues will be discussed and a forum will be provided for women  and men to be able to openly discuss periods without any prejudice.