Menstruation Mindfulness

The aims and objectives of a Binti education is to empower young girls  and women who have very little knowledge about their periods. Binti is determined to create a relationship of trust with the community and encourage a flow of communication through its bespoke menstruation mindfulness educational programme.

Health, Biology and Spirituality

The programmes will centre around creating a safe environment of open discussion around health education, from a biological perspective covering aspects of puberty and menstrual hygiene for the whole community from both genders in order to increase social support and to inhibit gender inequity and exclusion. We feel it is important to include some spiritual references around menstruation and to take into consideration their values, as they have been lost in translation through generations creating strong belief systems through cultures, which have led to fear and stigma around a very natural process. 

Training Mentors

Binti mentors will be trained to deliver its educational programmes based on Binti's bespoke menstruation mindfulness techniques and methods. Training will be provided to local women directly involved with the project on the ground to become mentors to girls within their own communities.