“Binti” means “young lady” in Swahili, “daughter of” in Arabic, and “request” in Punjabi.

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Welcome to Binti. We’re delighted you’re here, and we hope you’ll join us in the Binti revolution - to ensure that every girl has menstrual dignity. Period. 

What does Binti believe?

We believe that every girl deserves menstrual dignity, meaning access to education about menstruation, access to pads, and freedom from stigmas and taboos surrounding menstruation.  

What does Binti do?

There are three core aspects to our menstrual dignity mission:

  • Access - making sure that girls have access to pads. Whether we’re teaching women in India how to make their own pads, or helping vulnerable women in the UK to access pads, we believe that all girls deserve dignity through access to adequate menstrual hygiene products.

  • Education - teaching girls what menstruation is, and what to expect from it. No girl should fear that she is diseased or bleeding to death when she gets her first period. Every girl deserves the dignity of self-knowledge and understanding of her body.

  • De-stigmatisation - breaking taboos and stigmas around menstruation. In many parts of the world, it is believed that a woman is cursed, dirty or promiscuous when she has her period. Even in the UK, menstruation is often seen as dirty and shameful. Why do we shove menstrual products up our sleeves in office environments when we know that periods are a natural human process? We want to change this, and ensure that girls and boys, men and women, all know that there is dignity in menstruation.

Binti currently works in India, Africa, the UK and the US to achieve these goals. Whilst our mission varies somewhat depending on the cultural context, access, education and de-stigmatisation are essential all over the world.

We know we can’t change the whole world over night, but we also know that changing the life of one girl will go on to change the lives of many, many more as she spreads her knowledge, understanding and message of dignity. That’s why at Binti, we work for one girl, and for every girl.

High school students in Punjab, India.

High school students in Punjab, India.

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Young girls in a village in Hoshiarpur, India

Young girls in a village in Hoshiarpur, India

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