Own a piece of Binti and make a real difference to your village and the women who matter to you.

Binti Franchise Project Lifecycle

  1. Activation: Women’s self-help group with vision and outreach selected.
  2. Get Started: Production unit selected.
  3. Planning: Financial model chosen.
  4. Production: Affordable, low-cost sanitary towels are produced within a micro-enterprise environment.
  5. Sales: Sales commences with the SHG selling within their community.
  6. Distribution: Binti builds Relationships and distributions channels to increase revenues.
  7. Expansion: Sales are increased, option to add another machine. Build the local enterprise making it a sustainable project. Expand within the community and beyond.
  8. Education: Binti's tailored Mindful Menstruation Education Programme is implemented within local schools and community centres. Spread awareness, through education, start the conversation and eliminate shame and taboos.

With a Binti Franchise, sustainable income is created, and women become economically independent. A social impact is gained on your investment.

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