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Red Wave Talks

  • 120 High Holborn London, England, WC1V 6RD United Kingdom (map)

RED WAVE TALKS brings together individuals, groups, businesses and organisations who want to break taboos and create a climate where #menstruationmatters.The event features a series of short talks from inspiration women speakers, with conversations, information and treats.

Come and join us to celebrate #MHDay2018 - #menstruationmatters

Alongside the charitable sector there are a number of start-ups and businesses creating new solutions to solve the challenges of menstruation. From those campaigning for #plasticfree period products, to groups providing clear information and educating women... RED WAVE TALKS gives a voice to those who think that #menstruationmatters.

The United Nations International Menstrual Hygiene campaign – #MHDay2018 - aims to raise awareness of the challenges women and girls face about menstruation, and highlight solutions that address these challenges.

Inspirational women speakers from


  • Incredible Bleeding Woman

  • Plastic Free Periods

  • Binti International

  • WUKA

  • Precious Stars

  • Period Positive


    Plan International UK

  • Menstrual Matters

  • UCL Anthropology

Speakers have short slots to address these two questions:

  • Why menstruation matters to you?
  • What is your role in bringing this issue into the public eye?

Speaker information:

1. Bryony Farmer: Director and Founder of Precious Stars, a small business which sells eco friendly and sustainablemenstrual products. Running since 2013. Also a Youtuber who promotes menstrual health education,with 100,000+ subscribers.


2. Ella Daish: Ella Daish recently started a petition calling on manufacturers to remove plastic from menstrual products. With over 100,000 signatures to date, the Women’s Environment Network (WEN) is working with Ella, as part of the Environmenstrual Campaign to push her petition calling on manufacturers to remove plastic from menstrual products. Sign Ella's petition here


3. Manjit Gill: Manjit Gill is a founder of a charity organisation Binti, dignity period who are smashing the taboos around period not just in UK but all around the world. Binti is on a mission to provide menstrual dignity to all girls, all over the world. They do this by facilitating access to pads to ensure menstrual hygiene, educating girls about what menstruation is and what they can expect from it, and dispelling stigma, taboos, myths and negative perceptions around menstruation.


4. Monica Karpinski - Founder and Editor of The Femedic, an educational women's health website that focuses specifically on areas of women's health considered taboo. By normalising the conversation about women's health, they hope to dissolve the stigma and shame surrounding it.


5. Marisa Carnesky: is a showwoman and magical performance artiste. Inspired by the ideas of anthropologists Camilla Power and Chris Knight, her experimental research focuses on the ritual, emotional and other conditions necessary if women are to synchronise their menstrual cycles. She has recently completed a practice based PHD at Middlesex University, London


6. Chris Knight and Camilla Power: are members of the Radical Anthropology Group and have done longterm research on the role of menstruation in the origins of human society, symbolism, art and ritual. Chris is the author of Blood relations: menstruation and the origins of culture, currently researching at UCL. Camilla is Senior Lecturer at University of East London.


7. Sally King - Director of Menstrual Matters - a platform that provides independent, accessible and evidence based information. She will be sharing insight knowldege about the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research, the European Menstrual Health Collective, and Menstrual Health Hub as networks for those working in this area.


8. Lucy Rusell - Lucy Russell is UK Campaign Manager for the girls’ rights charity Plan International UK. She campaigns to improve girls’ lives in the UK, tackling the issues that matter to them most.


9. Chella Quint- Last but not least, Chella Quint is the UK’s leading expert on menstruation education. She is a comedian, producer, designer, artist, presenter and education researcher from Brooklyn, New York who now lives in Sheffield, England.